About Us

Supernastics is a fun and challenging physical development & movement programme for ages 1-7.

We believe Supernastics can be the key ingredient in your children’s development, building physical strength,
improving movement skills and building self-confidence.

Great futures start here!

Our Lessons 

Each lesson starts with our dynamic warm-up and stretching routine, including a high-energy Supernastic song.

Now we’re all warmed up, we move onto improving fine motor skills and strengthening our hands, fingers and wrists. We have great fun using different equipment and our imaginations - ribbon rings become our car wash or sweep the floor, scarves make beautiful hats and our lummi stick aeroplanes fly up and down and round and round.

Drum roll please! It’s time for the main event. Each week a different piece of equipment takes centre stage. It might be the high-bar, balancing cushions, trampoline, agility ladder, or another surprise. Now we focus on building confidence with the equipment and improving gross motor skills.

Phew! That was exciting, and now for our very cool cool-down routine. Breathe . . . and relax.


Each child claims their very own Supernastics sticker and heads out the door feeling like a happy, healthy hero!

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Jason Balancing Beam.png